Our Story

Kennedy's Meat Company celebrates nearly 5 decades of serving the public with “Best in Class Carne Asada”!

Born in 1972, the original Kennedy’s Market was opened by Jesus Soto in the small town of Heber, CA. Mr. Soto wished to provide the residents of the Imperial Valley with a convenient location to purchase groceries, household goods and gasoline. What began as a small convenience store soon became the focal point of anyone who made their way through the Imperial Valley. Jesus’ “convenience store carne” grew in popularity and in no time, people were flocking to Heber to get their hands on Mr. Soto’s creation. Our family continues to take great pride in providing only the highest quality meats and table fare to our customers.

Today,  Kennedy’s lives on through the family, primarily Jesus’ grandson, Mark Soto Mendoza, who owns the Escondido location. Here is where you can still purchase the same product that Jesus Soto created nearly 50 years ago!

In 2023, Kennedy’s Meat Company opened a new location in Temecula on Margarita Rd! Mark continues the Kennedy’s legacy in Escondido and now in Temecula.

Our Team

  • Mark


    Mark Soto Mendoza is the Owner of Kennedy’s Meat Company, grandson of Jesus Soto who created the original Kennedy’s. Mark cares about his staff and customers like they are part of his family and it shows in the connections made in his store.

  • Juan

    Main Chef

    Juan aka “Juanito” has been with Kennedy’s for many years. He is our Main Chef and plays a part in why our restaurant has so many customers who keep coming back. His love & kindness show in the food he prepares.

  • Cody

    Assistant Store Manager

    Cody has been in the customer service industry for 14 years and is great at what he does. He has many roles which include Manager, Butcher, Cook, Cashier, etc. He is also a marinating machine if you’re looking for something special!

  • Tayler

    Social Media Manager

    Tayler has been managing all of our social media platforms since 2018 and loves to connect with our customers through her creativity. Aside from screen time, she is often helping around the store wherever she is needed.

  • Machelle

    Front Cashier Manager

    Machelle comes from over 3 decades of restaurant experience. She has been with us since 2019 and helps us manage the store as well as making sure our customers are always satisfied!

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